Bigcommerce + Zendesk

The industry's leading integration between Zendesk and BigCommerce is powered by agnoStack - learn more through the links below and/or schedule a demo!

BigCommerce / Zendesk Connector - by agnoStack

The Zendesk Support for BigCommerce connector by agnoStack provides the industry's best unified commerce support experience. From the smallest to the largest retailers, agnoStack helps your business grow rapidly, providing tailored functionality for eCommerce customer service.

Integrate Your BigCommerce and Zendesk Platforms

Display accurate customer information from BigCommerce like order history, shipping status, billing and transaction information, and more alongside Zendesk Support tickets in the right sidebar. Grant your support agents immediate access to the customer information they need in order to provide the most convenient and fluent support experience possible. Your agents can even pin order details to a support ticket to avoid searching for the same information multiple times as well as directly process refunds and complete direct order capture and rapid re-order.

Grow your BigCommerce store rapidly

Whether your eCommerce business is just starting or if you're a well established billion dollar retailer, agnoStack's Zendesk Commerce Support plugin works to connect your BigCommerce and Zendesk Integrations. Set up your agnoStack integration in just a few simple clicks to get your BigCommerce and Zendesk platforms connected.

Flexible pricing to scale with your business

Is your business rapidly growing? Do you have significant seasonality in your support staff? Do you need the industry's best post-purchase support tools to scale a rapidly growing Commerce business with a limited support staff?

agnoStack's flexible pricing scales with you up and down by the month - use Zendesk's built-in groups and roles to only pay for agents configured to use the plugin each month. Initiate changes to your Subscription Tier directly within the plugin and all agents will be immediately configured without any extra installation processes!

We are continually adding new features to our platform, introducing updated releases every few weeks with additional functionality.

Our new Advanced Macros, Order Modifications, and Shipping Refunds are just a few of the many features that launched to support your BigCommerce and Zendesk Integrations recently! Updates are available instantaneously to all agents as soon as we send them live - no need to install anything, just to keep you agnoStack subscription active.

Easy migration to/from BigCommerce

Are you looking to migrate to BigCommerce from Salesforce, Shopify or others? Does your business have multiple stores hosted across a variety of eCommerce providers including Shopify or Magento 2 in addition to your BigCommerce and Zendesk Integrations? agnoStack offers the only unified commerce support experience that works across multiple platforms.

Using our simple setup process for each of your eCommerce providers in the agnoStack plugin, you can easily switch between your BigCommerce and Zendesk integrations to other platforms such as Shopify, Adobe/Magento, WooCommerce, CommerceTools (and more) in just a matter of seconds!

We're actively working on our Roadmap to deliver new features requested by customers and bring additional integrations online. We love to hear feedback or any feature requests - please don't hesitate to reach out at:!

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