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Introducing the world's first platform agnostic, omni-channel commerce solution built natively on Zendesk. We bring the next generation of customer support experiences to retailers large and small.
📣August 23rd, 2021: Now introducing version 3.6.0!
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Commerce at your fingertips

Quickly access customer order history, search and lookup orders by email address, and sort/filter orders in real-time to quickly find what your customer needs help with.

Put hundreds of orders directly in the hands of your agents to be able to understand past customer purchase behavior and easily help them resolve any issues with an order without ever leaving Zendesk.

Order History

Happy agents, make happy customers

Directly view real-time order, shipping and payment transaction status to help your customers quickly. Pin order details to a support ticket to ensure that as any order is revisited or issue is escalated that you avoid having to search for the same information over and over again.

Avoid the dreaded "swivel chair" in having agents re-enter data across multiple systems to help customers with their most common needs.

Order Details

From cost center to profit center

Get started today with our Starter support functionality and then easily upgrade any time to our Professional or Enterprise plans to quickly enable enhanced features including rapid re-order. Provide secure, modern PCI-compliant customer order on-behalf and turn your customer support function into a new stream of revenue generation.

Shipping Cart

Complex Integrations Made Simple

Bring together your best-in-class Service Platform with the world's leading Commerce Platforms, Payment Gateways and Shipping Solutions. We make the complex simple and allow you to focus on providing better customer experiences rather than wasting time and money integrating complex systems.

Platform agnostic to grow with you from day 1 to day 100.

Zendesk Apps

BigCommerce by agnoStack

The agnoStack standalone BigCommerce application provides all of the amazing functionality of the agnoStack Commerce application with an even easier dedicated signup and setup process! We provide the industry's richest set of transactional commerce support functionality to improve agent efficiency and your customer's overall post-purchase experience.

Our BigCommerce integration allows agents to quickly view customer order history based on the User or Ticket Requester's email address, quickly save/pin an order to a tikcet, get rich order details including real-time shipping updates and payment status as well as detailed line item product information. Easily allow your agents to process both full order, as well as item-level and partial refunds, without ever leaving Zendesk. You will have the ability to do incredibly fast, real-time searching, sorting and filtering of order history to immediately locate any order a Customer needs support with.

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