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Supercharge your customer experience. Provide customer service agents with real-time commerce data and robust sales tools to make them more efficient and proactive - leading to happier customers AND increased sales!
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agnoStack seamlessly integrates commerce with customer service.

With just a few clicks, support agents can now quickly access and search order history, view real-time shipping and payment status', modify orders, issue refunds and much more - without ever leaving Zendesk.

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What we do

Improve response times with instant access to your customer and order data

Quickly access customer order history, instantly search and lookup orders by email address or order id, and sort/filter orders in real-time to quickly find what your customer needs help with in a matter of seconds.

Order History

Proactively find the answers to your customer's most common questions

Directly view real-time order, shipping and payment transaction status to help your customers quickly. Modify orders and process refunds as well as view the integrated order timeline. Pin order details to a support ticket to ensure that as any order is revisited (or escalated) that you avoid having to search for the same information over and over again.

Order Details

Give your agents a commerce-first view inside of your support platform

The integrated full-screen Orders Watchlist allows an agent to save Orders to a unified dashboard to keep an instant view across tickets on any orders or customers they may need to keep an eye on.

Orders Watchlist

Easily transition your support team from a cost center into a profit center

Seamlessly re-order an existing Order, as well as complete a net-new Order on behalf of the Customer. With agnoStack CartCollabSM, agents can also share a cart/draft order directly from Zendesk allowing customers to finalize the checkout process themselves.

Shipping Cart

Complex Integrations Made Simple

Bring together your best-in-class Service Platform with the world's leading Commerce Platforms, Payment Gateways and Shipping Solutions. We make the complex simple and allow you to focus on providing better customer experiences rather than wasting time and money integrating complex systems.

Platform agnostic to grow with you from day 1 to day 100.

Zendesk Apps

agnoStack Commerce

Our Omni-Channel Support plugin makes it possible to view and manage Order data from your eCommerce Store directly within Zendesk. agnoStack Commerce provides the industry's richest set of transactional commerce support functionality to improve agent efficiency and your customer's overall post-purchase experience. The agnoStack Commerce app allows you to seemlessly migrate between Commerce platforms and enables retailers who are running multiple stores/platforms to maintain one unified agent experience.

Now available for: BigCommerce, Shopify, ElasticPath, CommerceTools, WooCommerce and Adobe Commerce (Magento 1 & Magento 2)!

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