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    Monday Jul 8, 2024


    Zendesk Custom Objects

    We are thrilled to introduce support for Zendesk Custom Objects via a new Add-On Integration Provider. This enhancement builds on our recent update that allowed the ability to Integrate Anything You Can Imagine through our Elastic Path Composer Integration Provider.

    This exciting new addition is aimed at empowering agents with a wider range of Custom Data to help improve the overall support experience. Custom Objects allow retailers to extend the Zendesk Data Model with Custom Objects and seamlessly integrate data into the agnoStack agent UI.

    Depending on which Custom Object types you have set up with agnoStack, Advanced Data will be displayed within the Customer and/or Order Insights Extended Data tabs.

    This new enhancement is available at no additional costs to all agnoStack retailers who are using our Premium or Enterprise tiers!

    Zendesk Custom Objects

    New Features

    Zendesk Enhanced Customer Data

    Zendesk Advanced Data

    In addition to releasing our new Integration Provider to support Zendesk Custom Objects, we have also made significant enhancements to the Zendesk Data tab within the Customer Insights panel!

    The new, enhanced UI includes a much richer set of data for the agent avoiding having to toggle around different screens and leveraging additional external apps.

    This update now features detailed information such as Tags, Tickets Grouped by status, Customer Notes, Time Zone data - and much more. This helps further provide a more comprehensive 360° view of customer interactions to improve the decision-making process for support teams.

    Shopify Multi-Discount Support

    For our Enterprise Tier Shopify retailer, we have added support for multiple discounts to be applied within our CartCollabSM Purchase workflow as well as in the display of Order details. This gives agents the capability to assign multiple order-level and/or product-level discounts on a single order, including a more detailed display of promotions and discounts in the agent UI.

    This new enhancement allows agents to apply more complex discount structures (order-level, line item level, shipping, etc) when performing a Rapid Re-order or a net new Order on behalf of a Customer.

    Shopify “Clear Balance Owed”

    This release also includes enhancements to our Order Update capabilities for Shopify. We have now added a new feature to make it even easier for an agent to clear the "balance owed" to the customer on Orders which have been modified.

    In previous releases after an order was modified to delete an item or reduce the quantity, an agent would see the "balance owed" row in the order details screen but in order to clear out the balance they would need to manually process a refund for that balance. This release makes it much simpler for the agent to clear these out with a new action in the Order Status options menu.

    This feature simplifies the process for agents to remove any outstanding balances on orders, ensuring smoother and more efficient order management directly inside of Zendesk. This update is now available to all Shopify retailers on our Premium or Enterprise tiers.

    Shopify - Clear Balance Owed


    Price Override Enhancements

    We have recently improved our CartCollabSM capabilities with an update for Shopify that enhances the usability of the agent experience for facilitating line-item price overrides on Carts/Draft Orders. This update further enhances the usability of customizing Orders in Zendesk, making it easier for retailers to manage custom pricing scenarios.

    Shopify Inventory Bug Fix

    We addressed a bug in our Shopify integration related to inventory counts for items with parent products. This fix ensures that the correct inventory levels are now accurately reflected, providing clear and precise stock information to the support agent.

    Coming Soon!

    Magento 2 Cart Selector

    Stay tuned for our upcoming expansion of our new Cart Selector feature to retailers using Magento 2 as their commerce platform. This new capability will allow support agents to assist customers by selecting from saved carts, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service interactions.

    Support for additional platforms including ElasticPath coming in the few releases!

    ReferralCandy Loyalty Provider

    We are excited to announce our upcoming integration with ReferralCandy. This new Loyalty Add-On Provider will make it easier to see customer referral information and to reward your customers for referrals and influence marketing.

    agnoStack maintains some of the Top Rated Zendesk Apps, providing the leading Zendesk eCommerce connector to retailers of all sizes, helping to improve overall post-purchase customer experience. This release underscores our commitment to continually enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. We look forward to seeing how these new features and improvements help streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Learn more about this latest 5.19.0 release as well as other upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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