Magento2 + Zendesk

The industry's leading integration between Zendesk and Adobe Commerce Cloud/Magento 2 is powered by agnoStack - learn more through the links below and/or schedule a demo!

Magento / Zendesk Connector - by agnoStack

The Zendesk Support for Magento connector by agnoStack provides the industry's best unified commerce support experience. From the smallest to the largest retailers, agnoStack helps your business grow rapidly, providing tailored functionality for eCommerce customer service.

agnoStack's Zendesk Commerce Support plugin works to connect your Magento store with a dynamic integration between Zendesk Support ticket data and Magento eCommerce data.

Display accurate customer information from Magento like order history, shipping information, billing information, and more alongside Zendesk Support tickets in the right sidebar. Grant your support agents immediate access to the customer information they need in order to provide the most convenient and fluent support experience possible.

With the agnoStack Zendesk Magento connector, you can access your Adobe Commerce Cloud/Magento 2 data inside your Zendesk suite, where agents can directly view real-time order, shipping, and payment transaction status. Support agents can even pin order details to a support ticket to avoid searching for the same information multiple times as well as directly process refunds and complete direct order capture and rapid re-order.

Accessing all of these features in one unified support solution, allows your agents to improve customer satisfaction and significantly enhance your overall post-purchase experience.

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