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    Sunday Apr 28, 2024

    New Features

    commercetools - Enhanced Order Modification

    Building upon our existing functionality for modifying orders, we are excited to release some significant enhancements to the commercetools integration to enable applying complex order edits directly through agnoStack.

    These new capabilities are available as a result of commercetool's recent General Availability launch of their new OrderEdit API. It allows for modifications to be made while also ensuring that any financial impact is properly recalculated based on the updated state of the Order.

    The functionality adds the ability to edit product options and quantities for existing line items, as well as adding and removing line items on an Order directly inside of Zendesk. In addition, retailers can now fully edit order addresses, including city, state, zip, and country changes.

    We will includes additional capabilities in future releases to build further upon the new OrderEdit API.

    commercetools - Advanced Modify Order

    Order Creation & CartCollabSM - Attribution Enhancements

    We are continuing to enhance our industry-leading Order Creation/CartCollabSM functionality. We have now added the ability to add attribution for Carts/Draft Orders and Orders initiated through the agnoStack platform.

    These new capabilities allow you to automatically attach two pieces of metadata attribution to the Draft Order/Order. This includes the ability to include the agent identifier (Zendesk ID) onto a Cart/Draft Order as soon as it is created. In addition, if this is a "Re-Order" from an existing Order, we will also add metadata for the original Order ID onto the new Cart/Draft Order.

    Advanced Data: Shopify Draft Order Metafield Definitions

    This can be setup within Shopify to automatically carry the data over from the Cart/Draft Order to an Order allowing it to automatically display right inside of the agent UI!

    The attribution function is available as part of our Enterprise tier, and is available for customers running on Shopify, BigCommerce and ElasticPath Commerce, with additional Commerce platforms coming soon. To learn more, please contact support at


    Shopify - Expanded Gift Cards Access

    Shopify recently updated their Gift Card functionality - extending its availablility to all retailers (not just those running on Shopify Plus). We have now enabled our Gift Card management functionality for all Shopify retailers using agnoStack.

    Our advanced Gift Card management functionality allows agents the ability to view all Gift Cards for a Customer as well as all related details includes notes, balances, dates, etc. In addition, we have added the ability to disable, replace or extend an existing Gift Card.

    Advanced Gift Card Management - Shopify
    Customer Gift Card Modify - Shopify

    This feature is available for all Shopify customers on our Premium Tier and above at no additional cost!

    *NOTE: to utilize this functionality, retailers need to request Gift Card API access from Shopify.

    BigCommerce - Zero-Dollar Checkout/CartCollab

    Building on our existing functionality that enables custom line-item price overrides during the checkout process, we have introduced the capability for BigCommerce users to bypass the payment screen for zero-dollar orders.

    If all items in the cart have been modified to be $0 and free shipping is enabled, the payment screen will be skipped while still allowing the Order to be placed successfully.

    BigCommerce - Archived Orders Visibility

    Another new feature within our BigCommerce integration allows retailers to prevent the display of archived Orders in the customer order history.

    This will hide these Orders from the Orders List panel, however the archived Orders can still be accessed via our advanced search panel.

    This can be enabled via a new setting in the agnoStack plugin configuration, providing retailers with more control over how order data is presented and accessed.

    BigCommerce - Hide Archived Orders

    Watchlist - New Ticket Screen

    We have fixed a minor bug that was affecting the addition of Orders or Customers to our full-screen Watchlists when accessed from the Zendesk "New Ticket" screen. With this fix, users can now add items to the Watchlist from any screen, enhancing the utility of this feature for tracking important Orders and Customer.

    We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all retailers and customer support agents. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve; please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this release or provide suggestions/feedback/input for future updates any time. Thank you for being a part of the agnoStack community.

    Learn more about this latest 5.18.0 release as well as other upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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