Zendesk Relate 2024
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Zendesk Relate 2024

We'd love to share a bit more about how agnoStack can help supercharge your agents. When customer experience doesn't stop at checkout, agnoStack is the answer! Find us in person in Las Vegas April 16 - 18, 2024 at Zendesk Relate 2024 - or contact the team at info@agnostack.com to learn more or Schedule a Demo.

Just an Agent.

Just an Agent.

In a world of customer service, where automation and AI seemingly reign supreme - empathy, understanding, and intuition will never go out of style. Not as long as the person on the other end of that transaction is, well, a person.

agnoStack empowers agents, making them more productive, more proactive and dare we say, super - saving the day, one customer at a time.

With the ability to instantly access customer insights and tackle complex commerce issues with a single click, your agents can crush KPIs, inspire lifelong loyalty, and deliver results that actually affect your bottom line - all before lunch.

Just an agent. Ha.

Zendesk 'AI for Commerce'

As eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, brands are recognizing the importance of providing exceptional customer service that goes beyond the initial purchase. A great post-purchase experience is a key differentiator for eCommerce businesses, but achieving this is not always easy.

How agnoStack is revolutionizing AI-powered customer service for eCommerce

This is where agnoStack comes in, the provider of the industry's most advanced Commerce functionality for Zendesk (and developer of Shopify Premium for Zendesk )- have now added AI-powered tools that work seamlessly with Zendesk Commerce to streamline and enhance the customer service experience for eCommerce customers. With agnoStack, brands can provide a fast, efficient, and personalized post-purchase experience that is tailored to each customer's needs.

agnoStack's launch of Zendesk AI for Commerce comes on the heels of Zendesk's recent announcement of its own AI-powered features, demonstrating the growing importance of AI in customer service. Zendesk's recent acquisition of Smooch, a messaging platform that supports popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, is also expected to further enhance the company's AI capabilities.

Shopify Premium for Zendesk - by agnoStack

The Zendesk Support for Shopify connector by agnoStack provides the industry's best unified commerce support experience. From the smallest to the largest retailers, agnoStack helps your business grow rapidly, providing tailored functionality for eCommerce customer service.

Integrate Your Shopify and Zendesk Platforms

Display accurate customer information from your Shopify (or Shopify Plus) stores including order history, shipping status, billing and transaction information, and more - directly alongside Zendesk Support tickets in the right sidebar. Give your support agents immediate access to the customer information they need in order to provide the most efficient and customer focused support experience possible. Your agents can even pin order details to a support ticket to avoid searching for the same information multiple times as well as directly process refunds and complete rapid re-order and direct order capture via CartCollabSM.

Shopify Premium for Zendesk

Our Shopify Premium for Zendesk app allows you to easily connect multiple stores, providing a single view of the customer to help ensure your post-purchase experience is as amazing as the products you sell and the stores you sell them on.

Grow your Shopify store rapidly

Whether your eCommerce business is just starting or if you're a well established billion dollar retailer, the agnoStack Shopify Premium for Zendesk Support plugin works to connect your Shopify and Zendesk platforms.

Set up your agnoStack integration in just a few simple clicks to get your Shopify and Zendesk platforms connected.

Continuous Shopify Innovation

Is your business rapidly growing? Do you have significant seasonality in your support staff? Do you need the industry's best post-purchase support tools to scale a rapidly growing Commerce business with a limited support staff?

We are continually adding new features to our platform, introducing updated releases every few weeks with additional functionality.

Our new Advanced Macros, Customer/Order Watchlists, Multi-Tender Refunds, Advanced Gift Cards, and Order Insights are just a few of the many features that launched to support your Shopify and Zendesk Integrations recently! Updates are available instantaneously to all agents as soon as we send them live - no need to install anything, just to keep you agnoStack subscription active.

Top Zendesk eCommerce Apps

agnoStack is one of the Top Rated Zendesk Apps, providing the industry's best Zendesk Commerce customer support functionality.

We're actively working on our Roadmap to deliver new features requested by customers and bring additional integrations online. We love to hear feedback or any feature requests - please don't hesitate to reach out at: info@agnostack.com!

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