Shopify Zendesk Integration by agnoStack

Shopify Zendesk Integration by agnoStack

agnoStack's Zendesk Shopify integration provides the only true enterprise integration for Shopify!! We bring rich, transactional commerce support to improve agent efficiency and eliminate the dreaded "swivel chair" of switching systems by having information of customers, orders, payments, and shipping available directly inside Zendesk. Take action on support tickets by issuing refunds, cancellations, new orders, and more!

The agnostack difference

agnoStack was built based on 20+ years in the industry, working with retailers large and small, to ensure the very best agent experience and deepest set of functionality available for any Zendesk integration with Shopify. Free trial available; get up and running in just a few minutes to provide your agents with the features they need to provide exceptional post-purchase experience to your customers. We continue to enhance our Shopify/Zendesk integration and release new features every few weeks!

Key Zendesk Features for Shopify

  • Instantaneously search/sort/filter to find orders and customers

  • View order and line item details (product name, sku, modifiers, price, quantity, row total, etc.)

  • Real-time shipping, billing, and payment status'

  • Issue full, partial, custom, and line item refunds

  • Easily modify as well as cancel unshipped orders

  • Create net new orders and rapidly replicate an order to help a customer re-order

  • Macro Snippets and Advanced Macros to personalize responses containing order, shipping and billing data!

Migrate to Shopify - Simple & fast w/ agnostack

If you're migrating to Shopify from Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or any of the major eCommerce systems, agnoStack can help you get up and running in a matter of minutes. Our solution provides significantly more functionality than the free Shopify for Zendesk plugin, with pricing starting at "cheaper than a cup of coffee" (*in most cities).

Generate More Shopify Revenue Through Zendesk Support

With our Enterprise Tier pricing plan, your agents provide secure, modern PCI-compliant customer order on-behalf and rapid re-order functionality to turn your customer support function into a new stream of revenue generation.

The agnoStack Shopify integration is the ONLY  Zendesk connector where support agents can create net new orders or duplicate orders using our rapid re-order feature. Rapid re-order duplicates all existing line items as well as the shipping address from an existing order as the starting point for a fresh order to be able to help a customer remedy even the most complex order issues!

Our unique CartCollabSM feature allows agents to create a new order on-behalf of a customer where they can add items, a billing address, and a shipping address (or even apply a promotion) to a cart to then send it directly to the customer for entering payment information.


Order Modification

The agnoStack Shopify plugin is also the ONLY  Zendesk where support agents can directly modify an unshipped order without ever leaving Zendesk.

Using agnoStack, your agents can help customers modify order line items as well the shipping address. We support the ability to add, remove, or modify items as well as edit the quantity or options/modifiers of each line items.

Outstanding customer balance due or balance owed will be displayed based on modifications to ensure agents have instant access to the full status of the order. Tracking how much is owed or due for an order just got simpler. Balance amount is now displayed at the bottom of the Order Detail screen when a customer "owes you" or when "you owe" a customer a balance/credit.

A future/upcoming release will also add the ability to take action on the Order Balance - directly issuing credit and/or allowing your agents to capture outstanding payments.

Add/Delete Order Item

Unified Order Timeline

Unified Order Timeline

agnoStack's unique unified Order Timeline gives agents on combined chronological view of all Order, Shipping, Payment as well as Ticket related events. we provide three unique sets of timeline data integrated into a single view.

We have now introduced the ability to see built in Zendesk ticket events directly inside our unified timeline. These new events contain key information about what has changed on a ticket, and will appear chronologically alongside existing order events. This new enhanced timeline now gives agents a much clearer view into the lifecycle of an order.

We also take advantage of Zendesk Sunshine (if you have it enabled on your Zendesk account) to provide enhanced detailed events for items including CartCollab, Item Refunds, Order Capture and much more!

Advanced Macros and Macro Snippets

Macros allow agents to create and save personalized responses containing dynamic placeholders including data directly from your Commerce, Shipping and Payment platforms. Similar to Zendesk's built-in placeholder functionality, but connecting both your Shopify and Zendesk data!

Additionally, our Macro Snippets functionality gives you one-click access to directly insert a single piece of shipping, payment or order related data right into a support reply.

Advanced Macros

Connect your Shopify and Zendesk Integrations Today!

With the Shopify Zendesk integration by agnoStack, your agents will have all your Shopify information they need easily accessible directly in Zendesk. Stop tab switching and save time for both your agents and their customers with a single solution.

Try the Shopify Zendesk Integration by agnoStack today with our 14-day free trial. Avoid much of the complex IT overhead for initial installation and setup required to get the other solutions set up. agnoStack provides a true SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) model that provides infinite scalability as your agent footprint and required functionality expand.

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