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    Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

    New Features

    Subscription Management Enhancements

    This release includes incredibly exciting new enhancements to our existing ReCharge Subscription Management free Add-On Provider capabilities. We will continue to innovate and build more features related to Subscription Management, across all Subscription platforms including Stay AI, PayWhirl, Stripe (and others coming soon)!

    The first major enhancement includes the ability to Modify Subscription Status directly inside of Zendesk. This allows cancelling/pausing, re-activating a Subscription as well as the option to delete a current Subscription.

    In addition to modifying a Subscription's status, we have also added the ability for Agents to modify the next charge date for a Subscription enabling moving up or back the next delivery date! These updates provide tremendous value for uses cases where a customer may need to pause their Subscription and/or temporarily change when their products will arrive.

    ReCharge: Update Subscription Status
    ReCharge: Order Data
    ReCharge: Customer Data

    These new features are available across multiple areas of the platform. We now have included ReCharge related data within our Advanced Order Data panel for surfacing key subscription data related to a a specific Order. In addition, the Advanced Customer Data panel is now displaying all Subscriptions that the Customer is currently subscribed to.

    Shopify - Shipping Fulfillment Products

    In a recent previous release, we introduced a much anticipated enhancement to our Real-Time Shipping functionality to allow the display of Line Items corresponding with each Shipment/Fulfillment.

    This release now extends enables this functionality for retailers who are running Shopify as their Commerce Platform! You will now see all Line Items associated with each Fulfillment. This includes the scenarios where there may be multiple Shipments/Fulfillments within a single Shopify Order.

    Shopify: Shipment Items Panel
    Shopify: Shipment Items Panel Detail

    We will continue to enhance our Real-Time Shipping functionality to rollout this feature and several other upcoming enhancements across other Platforms over the months ahead.


    "Complex Product" Selection

    As we continue to build upon our Enterprise suite of functionality, we've enhanced our Order-On-Behalf functionality to make it easier for Agents to add items to a Cart when there are multiple options/modifier associated with the product.

    This new enhancement, available on all Commerce Platforms that support our Enterprise tier - including Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce/Magento2, commercetools and Elastic Path, automatically disables selections of options that are not valid combinations (ie. Small is only available in the color Red and Black, but not Blue). This is a significant enhancement as it prevents Agents from trying to add products which are incompatible with the existing catalog.

    "New Ticket" Email Behavior

    Our Order Detail screen currently enables the ability create a new Ticket in Zendesk when access from within the "New Ticket" view. This release adjusts our core functionality to no longer automatically send an email to the ticket requester upon initial ticket creation. We have also addressed a minor issue related to the "New Order" button on the Customer screen; this button should not have be active if the ticket requester and/or the selected Customer did not have an associated email.

    This update includes a key enhancement back on customer feedback related to our Products lookup screen which exists during our Rapid Re-Order / CartCollabSM flow as well as inside of the Product Catalog panel inside of our Macro Snippets.

    Catalog Search

    We now support the ability to disable the automatic preloading of products, and instead opt to instantly use a manual search for searching for product. This can be extremely helpful for retailers with very large product catalogs that would take significant time to load each time an Agent was trying to assist a customer with a purchase.

    This feature is currently available for retailers who are running on our Enterprise Tier and are using either Shopify or BigCommerce as their Commerce Platform (with support for additional platforms coming soon). In addition we have a related key update in the works that will speed up product loading for higher volume catalogs in general - stay tuned!

    Shopify - Partially Fulfilled Shipping Status

    We have corrected a minor big related to displaying the Shipping Status on our Order Detail screen for Shopify order that are only partially fulfilled. Previously these Orders were displaying as "Fulfilled" and are now displaying with the correct status of "Partially Fulfilled" (or "On Hold" where appropriate).

    Shopify - Catalog Currency Display

    This release also addresses another issue related to the "Add to Cart"/Product Catalog screen within our Order creation/CartCollabSM flow not displaying the correct currency symbols for some fields. This fix ensures that the correct presentment currency is properly reflected to agents when adding products to a Cart.

    "Free Shipping" Bug Fix

    A bug fix has been made to address a minor issue for customers who are running on Shopify and had selected to enable "Free Shipping" within our Order creation/CartCollabSM flow. This fix ensures that when selecting the free shipping option that all data is carried through properly throughout the entire checkout process.


    Shopify Native Subscription Management

    Building on top of Shopify's most recent Winter Edition announcement around additional functionality built into native Shopify Subscriptions, we will soon be expanding support inside of agnoStack too retailers using Shopify for Subscription Management without a third party Add-On to see all customer/order related subscriptions!

    We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all retailers and customer support agents. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve; please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this release or provide suggestions/feedback/input for future updates any time. Thank you for being a part of the agnoStack community.

    Learn more about this latest 5.16.0 release as well as other upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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