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    Tuesday Jun 11, 2024


    CommerceTools CartCollabSM

    We are thrilled to unveil our latest enhancement for retailers leveraging commercetools - unlocking our incredibly powerful, industry-leading CartCollabSM functionality. This feature is designed to revolutionize the way support agents interact with customer carts, enabling more collaborative agent-assisted sales experiences and supporting rapid re-order and/or a creating new orders on-behalf of your customer.

    This builds further on top of our recently release Cart Selector functionality allowing agents to be able to prepare and share multiple draft carts with a customer in real-time!

    commercetools - CartCollab

    With CartCollabSM, agents can now seamlessly assist customers by accessing, managing and sharing their carts to customers without ever leaving Zendesk. This capability ensures that customers receive immediate support, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.

    CommerceTools CartCollabSM is now available for users on our Enterprise tier at no additional cost. To learn more about the reference implementation of changes needed on your storefront, please contact us at and we can share a free reference implementation built using Alokai.

    New Add-On Reviews Provider: SimpleSat

    After several customer requests, we're proud to introduce support for retailers using as their Reviews/Feedback platform. This addition further expands our support for the industry's leading Reviews Providers natively within the agnoStack platform (available at no additional costs). Integrating SimpleSat with agnoStack is straightforward and can be set up directly within the Managing Your Account screen. Provide a seamless way to view feedback to enhance your customer engagement strategy and overall agent efficiency.

    Using our Premium Tier or Enterprise Tier retailers can unlock tremendous increased efficiency for agents - including our Customer Insights feature which enables displaying enhanced customer data and events from the above Add-Ons (and many others).

    We continue to add new Add-On providers and integrations; if you are using a platform that we do not have an integration with, please let us know by contacting

    New Features

    Shopify - Enhanced Enterprise Tier

    Our industry-leading integration with Shopify for customers on our Enterprise Tiers just got even more exciting! This release brings several brand new and enhanced/updated agnoStack features to retailers using Shopify.

    Cart Actions - Shopify

    Discount Codes during Checkout: This has been our most requested feature for Shopify for several years - and it is finally available after Shopify's recent update to their DraftOrder API! Enhancements to our Order Capture/Rapid Re-order and CartCollabSM capabilities now allow agents to easily apply discount/promotion codes during checkout.

    Optional Payment/Zero Dollar Checkout: We have also extended our recently released capability for optional payment on zero-dollar orders to extend further now that Discount Codes are available across all applicable checkout screens for Shopify.

    Create Pending Order/Create Paid Order: This release add support for one of our most significant new features since the initial launch of CartCollabSM. In addition to allowing an agent to share a link to the customer to complete the order, they can now alternatively directly create the Order, but leave payment as pending - or even to complete the Order and directly mark the order as paid!

    Send Cart Invoice: We have also further enhanced our Order Creation/Rapid Re-Order process for Shopify to now allow, in addition to sharing a CartCollabSM link to the customer to complete the order, to be able to send the customer a direct Invoice via email.

    Send Order Invoice: Similar to the ability above to send a customer an invoice for a new Draft Order/Cart, agents can now also take any existing Order with a balance owed and send the customer an Order Payment Invoice via email.

    Share Order Confirmation: Additionally, agents can now also share a link to the Order Status/Confirmation screen for any existing Order directly to the customer without ever leaving Zendesk!

    All new functionality for Shopify is available for retailers on our Enterprise Tier at no additional cost!

    Order Actions - Shopify


    CommerceTools Customer Saved Address

    Building on top of our recent Enterprise Tier enhanced functionality for commercetools, we are excited to introduce our Customer Saved Address Book feature to customers using commercetools. This enhancement allows agents to easily access customer's saved addresses, making the checkout process even faster and more convenient.

    Advanced Macros - Sort & AutoComplete

    We have enhanced our Advanced Macros functionality adding new sorting and auto-complete features based on customer input and feedback. These improvements are designed to boost efficiency and accuracy in your agent workflow - allowing for quicker and more precise issue resolution.

    Stored Payments - UI Enhancement

    This latest update includes a significant UI enhancement for managing customer stored payments (on platforms where available). The improved interface provides a more intuitive and streamlined experience, making it easier for agents to access customer saved payment options.

    Stored Payments

    Bug Fix - Order Insights

    This release includes a minor bug fix for the Risk Gauge on our Order Insights screen for Shopify, ensuring it displays correctly for all orders even if there is minimal/no risk. This fix addresses a recently introduced issue where the risk gauge was not visible for orders with the lowest level of risk.

    Coming Soon!

    Magento 2 Cart Selector

    Stay tuned for our upcoming expansion of our new Cart Selector feature to retailers using Magento 2 as their commerce platform. This new capability will allow support agents to assist customers by selecting from saved carts, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service interactions.

    Support for additional platforms including ElasticPath coming in the few releases! Loyalty Provider

    We are excited to announce our upcoming integration with This new Loyalty Add-On Provider will enable an agent to view offer rewards and incentives as well as balances for your customers, boosting retention and encouraging repeat business.

    agnoStack maintains some of the Top Rated Zendesk Apps, providing the leading Zendesk eCommerce connector to retailers of all sizes, helping to improve overall post-purchase customer experience. This release underscores our commitment to continually enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. We look forward to seeing how these new features and improvements help streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Learn more about this latest 5.19.0 release as well as other upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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