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    Monday Jun 1, 2020


    BETA support for AfterShip

    We're excited to announce our BETA launch for customers using AfterShip. This adds the ability to directly integrate real-time shipping status from your AfterShip account into your agnoStack plugin.

    To learn more about our our AfterShip BETA, please contact us at

    Updated Zendesk Magento 1 Extension

    Zendesk has released an important update to their Magento 1 Extension that fixes errors related to their WebWidget as well as addresses a security vulnerability. Version 2.3.1 of the Extension has now been released and is available at

    New Features

    Magento 2 Store Code

    We've added support for customers who are using Magento 2 and have multiple stores to be able to specify the specific Store Code that you want your agnoStack plugin to access. This functionality already existed for customers using Magento 1 and has now been extended to support Magento 2 as well.

    Dynamic Order Refund Amount

    We've now added the ability to be able to specify a custom percentage (or fixed custom amount) when issuing order refunds.

    If you're using our Enterprise tier, this new extended order refund functionality should be available today after refreshing your browser. If you're using a commerce platform where our Enterprise tier is not yet available, stay tuned for updates in coming months about extended availability.

    Subscription Self-Service

    In addition to the earlier functionality released for Subscription Management that allowed you to directly change the email address, billing contact name, as well as credit card on file for your agnoStack account, we've now updated the Manage Your Subscription screen to allow you to directly Cancel Your Subscription through self-service.


    BigCommerce Sort Order

    Several new BigCommerce customers noted that the default sort for orders was incorrectly showing in reverse chronological order; this has now been fixed to show orders from newest to oldest.

    Order ID Field

    We have fixed an issue related to the Order ID field used for Pin Order functionality. When installing the application, if you had entered into the Order ID Field configuration a Field that had been automatically created by our application, it would inadvertently hide that field in the Ticket Details panel; this has now been resolved.

    Loading Shield Autofocus

    In this release, we've fixed a bug introduced in the past release where we were unexpectedly removing focus from the ticket form while the plugin was loading. NOTE: this had already been published as a hotfix, but the official functionality is included in this release.

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