Extend Zendesk via Elastic Path.

Extend and Customize Zendesk via ElasticPath

Unlock the full potential of your Zendesk experience with our latest innovationExtended Data and Advanced Integration powered by Elastic Path Composer. This groundbreaking solution empowers retailers to extend agnoStack's Customer Insights, Order Insights, and Advanced Timelines with your own data from internal systems or additional providers not directly supported by agnoStack.

Through our new Elastic Path Integration Provider , you can now surface custom data to agents including Order Metadata, Order Insights, Order Timeline Events, Customer Metadata, Customer Insights and Customer Timeline Events at no additional cost to agnoStack subscribers!

Extend Zendesk - Integrate Anything You Can Imagine

This free, powerful new capability enables retailers to set up custom data workflows within Elastic Path Composer's iPaaS (Integration Platform As a Service) for use within the agnoStack platform to easily extend and customize Zendesk.

Integrate Anything You Can Imagine

As an agnoStack customer, you will receive free access to Elastic Path Composer for creating your agnoStack integrations.

Each integration flow (events, insights and metadata) can be configured using Composer's user-friendly interface, leveraging either custom code blocks or by choosing from an extensive library of App Connectors within the Composer ecosystem.

Getting Started With Elastic Path

The agnoStack team will work with you to get your free Elastic Path Composer instance provisioned and populated with our integration template.

Once provisioned, your Elastic Path Integration Provider can be configured inside of the agnoStack plugin in the Add-Ons section.

To learn more about our Extended Customization and Advanced Data integration capabilities, powered by Elastic Path Composer, please reach out to or Schedule a Demo.

Elastic Path Composer: Provider Configuration

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