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    Thursday Dec 15, 2022


    New Add-On Providers - & Growave

    We are excited to announce the addition of several key Shopify Add-On Providers to our integrations list. Today we are adding support for as a new Reviews Provider as well as Growave as a new Loyalty Provider!

    Our Premium Tier unlocks tremendous increased efficiency for agents - including our Customer Insights feature which enables displaying enhanced customer data from the above Add-Ons (and many others) which are all available as free additional connectors when managing your account.

    New Features

    New Add-On Feature Set - Refunds Package

    Our Advanced Refunds functionality was previously only available to customers using our Premium and Enterprise Tiers. We are now opening these features to customers on our Starter and Professional Tiers via a new Refunds Package Add-On (available for customers running BigCommerce, Shopify, as well as Adobe Commerce/Magento 2).

    Customizable Configuration: "New Ticket" Subject Line

    We recently announced upcoming support for the new Customizable Configuration capability and are adding this new option which allows a retailer the ability to customize the ticket Subject line when creating new tickets from within agnoStack. When viewing an order on the New Ticket or Customer/Organization screens and selecting the "New Ticket" button, the default Subject line of the ticket created can now be customized (including information from the active order, customer and/or agent).

    This option can only be enabled for your account as part of an Early Access Program (EAP) for customers on our Premium Tier or Enterprise Tier. If would like to join the EAP, please contact us at


    Custom Configuration Names Enhancements

    We recently introduced our "Multi-Config" feature inside the agnoStack plugin. This offers the ability to connect multiple platforms and/or multiple storefronts into a single, unified view of your customer's orders.

    As part of that feature, we added the the ability to have custom configuration names for each configuration/storefront.

    This release adds an additional UI enhancement to our Customer Insights and Customers Watchlist modules to surface this custom configuration name while viewing data related to a customer. This is especially helpful for customers who have orders across multiple eCommerce storefronts.

    Custom Configuration Names - Customer Insights

    Order Number vs. Order ID

    We fixed a minor issue affecting our Advanced Macros module for customers using an order prefix/suffix (or special characters). This value now contain any special formatting that you may have configured.

    This update also now supports including both the {{}} in addition to the now correctly formatted {{order.number}}. We've also added the ability to enter both identifiers within our Macro Snippets functionality.

    Bug Fix: Adobe Commerce/Magento 2

    This release includes a minor bug fix for retailers running Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 resolving an issue when searching for a customer or order containing special characters.


    Narvar Add-On Provider

    Our existing set of Order data and insights functionality will soon be expanded to support richer Refund and Returns Management functionality. As part of that update, we will be futher expanding our Add-On integrations to support retailers using Narvar. To learn more about the upcoming launch (and/or to request access to our upcoming Narvar EAP), please contact the team at

    Learn more about the latest 5.2.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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