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    Thursday Jan 25, 2024

    New Features

    Elastic Path - Authentication Management Types

    This release includes key enhancements to our Elastic Path Commerce Cloud (EPCC) integration. Retailers can now configure agnoStack to use either Customer Management or Account Management as the core authentication type (depending on how their storefront is set up).

    Within Elastic Path, a retailer can enable Accounts (and Account Members) to allow sellers to assign Members to Accounts using account Memberships. Associated Account Members can log in to a storefront and create orders for their Accounts. NOTE: this is the default behavior when using the new Elastic Path CX Studio or the Composable CLI.

    In a B2C scenario, Customers can also be used (as an alternative option) to allow orders to be directly associated to Customers. This update ensures that our Advanced Customer Search works with both scenarios when searching and viewing Orders and Customers - as well as when creating new Orders in Zendesk.

    Elastic Path - Authentication Types


    Elastic Path - Caching and Performance Enhancements

    Continuing to build on our deep partnership with Elastic Path, we have updated our Commerce Cloud integration with significant improvements around caching and API performance. These enhancements make the already incredibly fast Composable Commerce solution even faster, ensuring an even more optimal experience for both agents and customers.

    Custom Line Items

    Following our recent update that allowed agents to override/provide Custom Pricing for line items during the Checkout process, a bug emerged when dealing with multiple discounted line items. We have now fixed this issue, enabling agents to correctly override prices for multiple line items in a Checkout.

    Shipping Status

    We have addressed a minor, but import issue with certain platforms that were not displaying Shipping Tracking Links that had a custom tracking url, but lack a tracking number.

    With this update, our support for displaying order Tracking Links will be independent from the existence of a tracking number - ensuring better transparency and communication with customers.

    This should work across all Shipping Providers and for orders containing one or multiple Shipping Tracking Links.

    Tracking Links


    Elastic Path - CartCollabSM Support

    Looking ahead, we're thrilled to be close to enhancing our agent assisted sales flow/Checkout process for retailers using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud (EPCC) with the introduction of our industry leading CartCollabSM capabilities! This feature is now available via an Early Access Program (EAP) that can be enabled on your account (along with minor updates on your EPCC storefront) by contacting agnoStack support.

    This feature will allow agents to prepare a shopping cart "on behalf of" the customer - including all items, customizations and necessary details like shipping and billing. Once the cart is ready, agents can share a unique link with the customer taking them directly to the retailer's storefront with their cart pre-filled with all data prepared by the agent. The customer can then securely enter their credit card details directly on the retailers storefront and complete their single-click checkout.

    This streamlined process facilitates a smooth, secure and efficient agent-assisted sales experience, ensuring elevated customer satisfaction and convenience. To learn more, please contact support at

    We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly experience for all retailers and customer support agents. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve; please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this release or provide suggestions/feedback/input for future updates any time. Thank you for being a part of the agnoStack community.

    Learn more about this latest 5.14.0 release as well as other upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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