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    Wednesday Nov 30, 2022


    New Add-On Providers - &

    We are excited to announce several key additional free Add-On Providers to our integration list. Today we are adding support for as a new Loyalty Provider (for customers running Shopify or BigCommerce) as well as as a new Reviews Provider (for Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce retailers)!

    Our Premium Tier unlocks increased efficiency for agents, including our Customer Insights feature that enables displaying enhanced customer data from the above Add-Ons.

    Zendesk Featured App: Shopify Premium for Zendesk

    We are incredibly honored to have our new Shopify Premium for Zendesk plugin selected as one of Zendesk's Top Featured Apps!

    We are excited to be amongst other incredible partners including: Drobox, Giphy, Tymeshift, Lessonly and several others.

    The new agnoStack "Shopify Premium for Zendesk" app is available to install directly via the Zendesk Marketplace for retailers using Zendesk along with Shopify or Shopify Plus.

    For further questions or to learn more about the new plugin, please visit or schedule a demo.

    Feature App - Shopify Premium for Zendesk

    New Features

    Customizable Configuration - Refund Reasons

    We recently announced upcoming support for our new Customizable Configuration options and happy to share that we now have our first configuration optionally available for EAP - Refund Reasons! We anticipate making this feature generally available in the early part of next year.

    Customizable Configuration

    If you are on our Premium Tier or Enterprise Tier and would like to join the Early Access Program (EAP) to allow you to customize the available Refund Reasons available to your agents, please contact us at

    Advanced Order Data

    As we continue to introduce additional data and insights into agnoStack overall, today we are adding Advanced Order Data to complement our existing Customer Insights and Order Insights.

    This new panel within the Order Detail screen will surface order related metadata that has been added within your commerce platform.

    This feature is now included for all customers running Shopify or BigCommerce who are subscribed to our Enterprise Tier. We will continue to enhance the Order Data panel with support for additional commerce platforms in coming months!

    Advanced Order Data


    Shopify Premium for Zendesk - Add-On Feature Sets

    Building on top of our recent launch announcement for the new Shopify Premium for Zendesk application, we are excited to make our optional Add-On Feature Sets (as well as free Add-On Providers) available.

    ACH billing - agnoStack Subscription

    After several customer requests, we are beginning a BETA rollout (available to customers on our Enterprise Tier only for now) to support using ACH payment for your agnoStack subscription. If you would like to enable ACH on your account, please contact

    agnoStack Website Pricing Page

    We have had several customer suggestions on how we might further improve our agnoStack Pricing page since we've added additional applications to our lineup. The new enhancements to the page are now live, clearing up confusion around available Pricing Tiers and features by product.


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce CRM

    We are about to enhance our existing set of CRM integrations (including Zendesk Sell as well as Hubspot), we are looking forward to adding upcoming support for Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. To learn more about the upcoming early access program (EAP)/launch, please contact the team at

    agnoStack is one of the Top Zendesk eCommerce Apps, providing the leading Zendesk eCommerce connector to retailers of all sizes, helping to improve overall post-purchase customer experience.

    Learn more about the latest 5.1.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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