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    Tuesday Feb 8, 2022


    Brand New Onboarding Experience!

    In addition to creating new fullscreen experiences for both Saved Orders Watchlist and Advanced Reminders, we have also now updated our Onboarding/Manage Your Account screen into an expanded fullscreen experience available via the main Zendesk left navigation. This allows us to surface more information about agnoStack as well as detailed instructions at each step of the configuration process!

    Fullscreen Overview
    Fullscreen Configuration

    We appreciate all of the feedback and input on our Onboarding and Account Management process and are tremendously excited to introduce the new, improved experience. If you're experiencing any issues or have any questions, contact us any time at:

    Premium Tier - expanded availabilty

    We are excited to announce that our WooCommerce as well as CommerceTools integrations have now been extended to support our full set of Premium Tier functionality.

    Our Premium Tier unlocks increased efficiency for agents, including the ability to process Refunds directly inside of Zendesk, as well as the surfacing of Advanced Events and our popular Advanced Macros feature.

    New Features

    Fullscreen Advanced Reminders

    We have significantly enhanced our recently released Advanced Reminders functionality which allows agents to set their own personalized reminders. You can set general reminders (or for a specific order and/or ticket) including a priority and description to ensure you never forget to get back to a customer again!

    The Reminders view can be toggled between "Current" and "Upcoming" reminders with each item linking you directly back to the related Ticket and/or Order in a single click.

    Customizable ticket and order reminders was one of our most requested features for many months - and we are happy to announce that we've now made it even better based on your input and feedback. We have brought our Advanced Reminders functionality into its own fullscreen dashboard (in addition to the existing top nav and order details views), giving agents an even better view of their current and upcoming reminders!


    Saved Orders Watchlist - Custom Groups are here!

    Our recently introduced Saved Orders Watchlist fullscreen experience now is even more powerful. Agents can now organize their Saved Orders into custom groupings allowing you to easily identify and watch related items (New Customers, Awaiting Shipping, VIP/Repeat Buyers, etc.).

    Custom groups can be given your own unique names and Orders can be easily moved between them in our simple drag and drop interface. The Saved Orders Watchlist is included as part of our Premium and Enterprise tiers (and also as an optional Add-On Feature Set for all other customers).

    Magento 2 - Authorization and Capture Transactions

    We have resolved a minor issue reported by customers using our Magento 2 Premium and Enterprise tiers, specifically related to transaction events which are fed into agnoStack as seperate "authorization" and "capture" events. This was causing a mismatch of information on the order detail screen and preventing refunds for those orders. This has now been resolved and is now displaying the accurate information.

    Learn more about the latest 4.2.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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