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    Tuesday Aug 16, 2022


    Customer Gift Cards

    Building on top of our recently released Shopify Multi-Tender Refunds as well as our support for adding Customer Store Credit on BigCommerce, today we are extending our support for issuing Customer Gift Cards (unrelated to an order). Initial support is available for retailers using Shopify Plus as their Gift Card platform with additional support for more providers coming soon!

    This feature is available today for all customers running Shopify Plus (w/ Gift Card API access enabled) enabled on our Premium Tier and above at no additional cost!

    Customer Gift Cards - Shopify

    Refund Options (Restock Items)

    Refund Options/Restock Items - Shopify

    One of the most common requests since launching our Shopify integration for our Premium and Enterprise Tiers has been the ability to select whether or not to restock items into inventory when issuing refunds.

    Customers can now toggle whether or not to "Restock Items" for line-item level as well, as full order refunds. This is the first of a series of refund options that are now available to agents for customers working with Shopify.

    We will continue to add support for additional commerce platforms in coming months as well as enable additional refund options based on platform capabilities.

    Additional support will be coming soon to process returns (and generate RMAs) - as simple as our current order refund functionality - Stay Tuned!

    This feature is available today for all customers using our Premium and Enterprise Tiers. Contact us at or Schedule a Demo to learn more.

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