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    Wednesday Mar 3, 2021


    CommerceTools Now Available!

    We are excited to announce that agnoStack now supports integration with CommerceTools. CommerceTools provides a highly scalable cloud platform with a flexible commerce API at its core, built on a modern microservice-based architecture and offers a wide range of integrations.

    CommerceTools is a founding member of the MACH Alliance advocating for open and best-of-breed enterprise technologies that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless such as agnoStack and we're proud to add CommerceTools as a new partner to our ecosystem!

    Our 3.2.0 release introduces general availability for CommerceTools of our Starter Tier as well as Professional Tier. Get started today connecting your CommerceTools store to Zendesk.

    Elasticpath Enterprise + WooCommerce Professional!

    We've officially release support for our Enterprise Tier to all Elasticpath / Moltin customers. A long time coming in private BETA, but we're incredibly excited to now have the agnoStack Enterprise Tier fully available. Our Enterprise Tier adds significant additional features including Order Creation, Order Modification, Rapid Re-Order and more!

    In addition, we're happy to announce that our recently released WooCommerce integration has now moved out of BETA. We now have full support for our Professional Tier including real-time Shipping Status and Payment/Transaction Status as well as our unified Order Timeline. Integrate your WooCommerce storefront with Zendesk in a just few short clicks.

    New Features

    Customer Saved Addresses

    We continue to enhance our order-on-behalf of functionality and are excited to announce a major item that several customers have been asking for. This feature is available today for all customer's using our Enterprise Tier at no additional cost!

    Address Book/CustomerSaved Addresses

    Customer Saved Addressed/Address Book lookup will enable agents to now quickly access a customer's saved addresses/address book easing the entire Checkout and CartCollabSM process.


    Order/Payment/Shipping Status

    After hearing tremendous feedback from customers using our Professional Tier (and above) on our recent Enhanced Order History rollout, we are launching the new enhanced version of our Status badges with this release.

    We've improved and standardized our logic around the core agnoStack status badge, but also now provide agents with direct access to the "real" status' directly from the Commerce, Shipping and Payment Providers.

    NOTE: "real" status values returned/available differ by platform.

    Enhanced Status Mappings

    BigCommerce - Search Customers By Phone Number

    Advanced Customer Search - Phone

    In this release, we've updated our Advanced Customer Search functionality for BigCommerce customers using our Professional tier (and above).

    Agents can now search for customers using not only email address, first name and/or last name, but also now using the phone number found on the customer account in BigCommerce.

    NOTE: BigCommerce requires an EXACT match with a customer's phone number.

    Shopify - Order Details

    We've fixed a minor issue that was showing incorrect Product data for each line item of an order when accessing Order Details for customers running Shopify.

    In the prior release, if a customer had placed an order containing selected options the option values were displayed, but the option name itself was incorrectly shown as "Option 1", "Option 2", etc.

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