Extend Zendesk Via Elastic Path
Integrate Anything You Can Imagine

Extend Zendesk via Elastic Path

Unlock the full potential of your Zendesk experience with our latest innovationExtended Data and Advanced Integration powered by Elastic Path Composer. This groundbreaking solution empowers retailers to extend agnoStack's Customer Insights, Order Insights, and Advanced Timelines with your own data from internal systems or additional providers not directly supported by agnoStack.

Within the agnoStack platform, we have introduced a new category of Add-On Providers called "Integration Provider". This is an exciting new addition allowing retailers to display Extended Data and Advanced Customizations for both Orders as well as Customers. It adds the ability to bring your own data via external or internal systems directly into the hands of your agents.

Extend Zendesk - Integrate Anything You Can Imagine

Through our new Elastic Path Integration Provider, you can now surface custom data to agents including Order Metadata, Order Insights, Order Timeline Events, Customer Metadata, Customer Insights and Customer Timeline Events at no additional cost to agnoStack subscribers!

This free, powerful new capability enables retailers to set up custom data workflows within Elastic Path Composer's iPaaS (Integration Platform As a Service) for use within the agnoStack platform to easily extend and customize Zendesk.

Enhance Zendesk With Your Custom Data

  • User-Friendly iPaaS:

    Configure integrations seamlessly using Elastic Path Composer's intuitive drag & drop iPaaS interface.

  • Customizable Data Workflows:

    Tailor agnoStack Order and Customer data to your specific business needs.

  • App Connectors:

    Choose from a vast library of ready to go Connectors for rapid integration development.

  • High-Performance Custom Code:

    Ability to write your own custom code, while leveraging Elastic Path's scalable cloud runtime.

  • Simple, Consistent UI:

    Automatically transform your custom data and integrations into a seamless agent UI.

  • Flexible Output:

    Integrate anything that aligns with the agnoStack data model.

Integrate Anything You Can Imagine

As an agnoStack customer, you will receive free access to Elastic Path Composer for creating your agnoStack integrations.

Each integration flow (events, insights and metadata) can be configured using Composer's user-friendly interface, leveraging either custom code blocks or by choosing from an extensive library of App Connectors within the Composer ecosystem.

Elastic Path Composer: Integration FlowElastic Path Composer: Custom Code blockElastic Path Composer: App Connectors

Your integrations flows can integrate anything that you wish, as long as the output conforms to the agnoStack standard custom data schema. Each flow endpoint allows you to implement any of Elastic Path's built-in iPaaS connectors via their drag and drop interface or to write your own custom code. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to access internal systems or local providers that may not come out of the box with agnostack.

You can easily extend Zendesk to add the data that your agents need to provide a comprehensive 360 view of your customers! To learn more about overall Elastic Path Composer capabilities, feel free to watch the self paced pre-recorded Webinar.

Unlock New Possibilities for Your Business

Discover the realm of possibilities, only limited by your own imagination! As you leverage the power of agnoStack's extended data capabilities, you can seamlessly connect external data sources to Zendesk, opening new avenues for enhanced customer service and business intelligence. With this advanced capability, retailers can explore innovative ways to optimize operations, personalize customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Display Last Mile Delivery Data: Efficiently track and manage your local delivery drivers by integrating data from your own logistics and fleet management systems (or through last mile delivery services such as DoorDash, Uber, etc.). Real-time insights into delivery routes, delays, and driver status enable you to streamline operations, reduce delivery times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

  • Elevate Customer Healthcare Interactions: Integrate seamlessly with healthcare systems to access and manage your customers' prescriptions. This not only provides a comprehensive view of your customers' health-related needs but also allows for personalized and targeted interactions, strengthening the customer-retailer relationship.

  • Illuminate Marketing Segmentation: Illuminate the intricacies of your internal marketing segmentation by integrating with your marketing tools. Accessing detailed insights into customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns empowers you to fine-tune marketing strategies. Target specific customer segments with personalized campaigns, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Streamline Inventory and Order Fulfillment: Optimize inventory and order fulfillment processes by integrating data from your supply chain and inventory management systems. Ensure accurate stock levels, reduce fulfillment times, and prevent stockouts by gaining real-time visibility into inventory status and order processing.

  • Boost Customer Loyalty Programs: Integrate data from loyalty program platforms to enhance customer loyalty initiatives. Personalize rewards, incentives, and promotions based on individual customer preferences and behavior. Strengthening the connection with your customers through tailored loyalty programs can lead to increased customer retention and lifetime value.

  • Tailor Customer Support with External Insights: Enrich customer support interactions by integrating external insights. Accessing data from diverse sources, such as product reviews, social media, or customer surveys, provides a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment. Empower your support agents with valuable information to deliver more personalized and effective customer service.

Unlock the full potential of your business by extending Zendesk via agnoStack's enhanced Data Integration capabilities. The possibilities are limitless, and the impact on your customer experience, operational efficiency, and business growth can be profound.

Getting Started With Elastic Path

The agnoStack team will work with you to get your free Elastic Path Composer instance provisioned and populated with our integration template.

Once provisioned, your Elastic Path Integration Provider can be configured inside of the agnoStack plugin in the Add-Ons section.

To learn more about our Extended Customization and Advanced Data integration capabilities, powered by Elastic Path Composer, please reach out to info@agnostack.com or Schedule a Demo.

Elastic Path Composer: Provider Configuration

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