Zendesk Relate

Zendesk Relate

Zendesk Relate (Las Vegas, April 16-18, 2024) is the annual flagship customer event where Zendesk invites CX professionals to dream bigger. See the Relate '24 Agenda at a glance! Register to join the digital event which will broadcast the opening keynote (and have access to on-demand recordings of the keynote and select sessions from the Las Vegas conference).

Zendesk Relate '24

agnoStack empowers your Super Agents

Just an Agent.

Just an Agent.

In a world of customer service, where automation and AI seemingly reign supreme - empathy, understanding, and intuition will never go out of style. Not as long as the person on the other end of that transaction is, well, a person.

agnoStack empowers agents, making them more productive, more proactive and dare we say, super - saving the day, one customer at a time.

With the ability to instantly access customer insights and tackle complex commerce issues with a single click, your agents can crush KPIs, inspire lifelong loyalty, and deliver results that actually affect your bottom line - all before lunch.

Just an agent. Ha.

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