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    Wednesday Feb 22, 2023


    New Add-On Providers - Salesforce CRM &

    We're excited to announce the launch of our latest "Add-On Marketing Providers", with support for both Salesforce CRM and! These new integrations provide access to rich customer data directly in the Zendesk Support interface, enhancing our Customer Insights module with a more complete customer view for your agents. Both integrations are designed to supercharge your support team, streamlining your workflow and helping deliver a more efficient and effective customer support experience.

    Our Premium Tier unlocks tremendous increased efficiency for agents - including our Customer Insights feature which enables displaying enhanced customer data from the above Add-Ons (and many others) which are all available as free additional connectors when managing your account.

    Salesforce: Add-On Marketing Provider Add-On Marketing Provider

    New Features

    Advanced Product Data

    We've recently released our latest addition for customers running Shopify as a Commerce Platform. We added the ability to surface Advanced Data through Shopify Metafields for both Orders as well as Customers, and have now expanded this capability even further with enhanced product data.

    Advanced Product Data: Shopify Product Metafields

    This release adds the ability to now view Product Metafields directly within the line item details of an Order. This gives agents convenient access to view essential/extended product data without ever leaving Zendesk.

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