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    Thursday Feb 9, 2023


    New Add-On Provider - Emarsys Loyalty

    We are excited to announce the addition of a new Add-On Provider to our integrations list. Today we are adding support for Emarsys as a new Loyalty Provider!

    Our Premium Tier unlocks tremendous increased efficiency for agents - including our Customer Insights feature which enables displaying enhanced customer data from the above Add-Ons (and many others) which are all available as free additional connectors when managing your account.

    Additional Performance Improvements

    This new 5.4.0 release marks another important update for agnoStack related to overall performance for all customers. This is the latest in a series of continued enhancements to further improve agent experience and general performance! This update includes additional optimizations and improvements aimed at reducing the initial loading times for the application.

    We will continue to further improve initial load time as a core focus across the next few releases. We will also continue making updates to improve application interaction usability and speed throughout the next several months (even as we continue to add new features).


    Enhanced Localization Formatting

    The agnoStack platform has always been built to support teams across across the global. We offer localized translations across all of the Zendesk supported languages as well as localization support for currency and date format.

    To further increase the usability for agents across all geographies, we have released an update pertaining to languages whose native display is a right-to-left (RTL) orientation. These RTL interface layouts now have a more suitable look and feel for all agents, providing a seamless globalized experience in line with the overall Zendesk UI.

    We have also updated our date entry component that is used within our Advanced Reminders functionality and several other places throughout the app to better support localized date formats.


    Shopify Returns Management

    As we continue to enhance our Enterprise offering for Shopify customers, we are excited to have officially begun development to incorporate the much anticipate Shopify Returns Management capabilities into the agnoStack platform.

    This will allow for support agents to fully manage the lifecycle of a Return directly inside of Zendesk, including viewing of Returns data as well as the creation and modification of new and existing Returns.

    We will be introducing Returns Management in an EAP, beginning shortly with customers on our Enterprise Tier who are using Shopify as their eCommerce platform. To request to join the EAP, please contact support at

    Narvar Add-On Provider

    As noted above, we will soon be extending support for richer Refund and Returns Management functionality, building on our current set of Order Data and Insights functionality. We will also be further expanding our Add-On integrations to include richer data for retailers using Narvar. To learn more about the upcoming launch (and/or to request access to our upcoming Narvar EAP), please contact the team at

    Learn more about the latest 5.4.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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