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    Friday May 13, 2022


    Actionable Insights

    We are excited to announce a new addition to our continually-evolving Customer Insights panel. Previously, our insights data had always been read-only but we have just released our first set of Actionable Insights!

    This new functionality will give customers who are running on Shopify and/or Magento 2 the ability to modify certain key data points. The first to launch today is the ability to toggle the marketing opt-in/opt-out value for a customer.

    This feature is available to all eligible customer using our Premium and Enterprise Tier. Additional actionable data points to enhance our Customer Insights panel will be coming very soon across Commerce, Marketing and CRM integrations.

    Actionable Insights


    Stripe Commerce - Payment Events

    We have heard from Customers who are configured to use Stripe Commerce as their primary order/subscription platform that several key events went missing within the unified Order Timeline. We have corrected this, and now all events are being surfaced properly again on the timeline.

    Advanced Macros

    One of the most popular/widely used features is our Advanced Macros panel to help quickly reply back to customers with information across your commerce, shipping and payment platforms. This release improves the experience and includes several performance and general enhancements. Additional updates to come around localized language support as well as integrated product data in the next few months!

    Magento 2 Bundled Product Images

    For customers using our Magento 2 integration, we have fixed a minor issue where product thumbnail images were not displaying properly for bundled products.

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