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    Friday Jul 15, 2022


    Zendesk Sell - CRM For Sales

    We are thrilled to add an exciting new addition to our Add-On Providers ecosystem - this time with a new integration directly within the Zendesk family of products!

    Introducing our NEW  Zendesk Sell CRM connector!

    Zendesk's integrated sales CRM empowers teams to be more productive, better understand it's customers and make data-driven decisions. This connector is now available, in addition to our recent HubSpot CRM launch to provider further Customer Insights right at the hands of your Customer Service agents within agnoStack.

    This new add-on provider is available for all customers on our Starter Tier (and above) at no additional cost. To learn more, contact us at:

    New Features

    commercetools  - meet Klaviyo, Mailchimp & YotPo!

    As part of our continued enhancements for customer using commercetools (and building on top of our recent launch of our new standalone commercetools app), we have added some new and exciting Add-On Providers. commercetools now fully supports our suite of Marketing Providers, including Klaviyo, Mailchimp and Yotpo.

    Enabling these Add-Ons will enhance customer details with additional data from these providers directly inside of your agents Customer Insights panel. Marketing Provider integrations are available with our Premium and Enterprise Tiers (as well as via our optional Add-Ons).

    Responsive/Resizable App - Agent Workspace

    As part of recent enhancements to the Zendesk App Framework (ZAF), Zendesk has enabled new functionality that will allow customers using Agent Workspace to resize the width of the apps sidebar.

    We have just released a new update which takes full advantage of this new capability to allow the agnoStack plugin to be fully resizable to improve agent productivity.


    Magento2 - custom admin URL

    As part of our Magento2 configuration and setup, we have made an enhancement to our Admin URI field. For customers who have their admin server on a different domain than their storefront, we now allow a fully qualified URL to be entered in this field, ensuring that all links from agnoStack into the Magento backend can be properly linked to your admin screens.

    agnoStack is one of the Top Zendesk Apps, providing the leading Zendesk eCommerce connector to retailers of all sizes, helping to improve overall post-purchase customer experience.

    Learn more about the latest 4.10.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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