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    Friday, October 22, 2021


    Permission Management

    We have now added the ability to directly manage permissions for your account and/or specific agents within your Zendesk installation. Admins will now see a new configuration screen within the "Manage Your Account" pages to be able to restrict permissions to certain feature groups (including macros, refunds and/or order modification).

    By default, all agents will still have access to any features enabled for your selected Subscription Tier unless any permission set restrictions are applied.

    You can restrict access for all agents by simply toggling a permission off or restrict only specific agent's permissions by toggling a permission off and selecting the agents from the dropdown. Continue through configuration and click Activate to save and apply your changes across your account.

    Permissions Management

    Stripe Commerce Provider

    While commonly used as a payment provider on top of an existing BigCommerce/Shopify/Magento/etc. eCommerce store, some customers without a large catalog and set of shopping pages often will use Stripe directly as a commerce platform by leveraging Stripe Checkout. The new integration of using Stripe directly as a Commerce Provider, will allow accessing and managing Subscriptions that often run beyond a typical eCommerce catalog website experience.

    We are excited to announce that agnoStack now supports integration with Stripe commerce! Stripe empowers businesses to easily integrate payment processing to accept payments, send payments and manage subscriptions. The 3.7.0 release brings to life Stripe Starter Tier and Professional Tier (Premium Tier including refund process and subscription management launching soon).

    New Features

    Advanced Reminders

    Expanding on our Order Reminders features, our new Advanced Reminders allow agents to create multiple reminders for an order as well as manage all order reminders in a single spot. Effortlessly view and update all current and upcoming reminders by accessing the bell icon displayed in the top navigation bar.

    Agents can now also create reminders that are not tied to orders right from the top navigation. Never forget any details for a follow up! You can enter a date, time and priority as well as a short description for reference. When a reminder is due, you will receive a notification within the agnoStack plugin to remember to follow up and directly access the related ticket/order.

    Advanced Reminders is available today for all customers on our Enterprise Tier or available as an Add-On with our Reminders Package.

    Top Navigation Reminders

    BigCommerce Multiple Store/Channel Support

    BigCommerce recently launched support for multiple stores/channels with their new Channel Manager for BigCommerce allows your business to integrate with third-party sales channels. Channel Manager allows your business to use new Headless Storefront alternatives as well as seamlessly integrate with leading marketplaces such as Facebook and Pinterest (allowing catalog and inventory syncing to reach customers across multiple channels).

    Multiple "channels" (storefronts) can now be configured in our agnoStack BigCommerce integration, allowing access to all orders from configured channels. When your agnoStack BigCommerce integration is configured with multiple Channel IDs, orders will display their channel origin both in the "Order Peek" of the list display as well as inside of the Order Details screen.

    Magento 2 Multiple Payment Gateways

    Magento 2 can now be configured with multiple payment gateways. When creating a new order or re-ordering, agents will now be able to directly select which gateway to use for that order.

    Magento 2 Select Payment at Checkout


    Modify Customer Notes

    Modify Customer Note

    Our Customer Insights feature for BigCommerce and Shopify displays information including Customer Notes, Store Credit balance and/or items including Customer Lifetime Value and even Average Order Value, but although Store Credit could be modified, Customer Notes were previously read-only.

    We've further enhanced our Customer Notes functionality to allow direct modified from within Customer Insights panel (similar to how Order Notes and Customer messages can be edited).

    Magento 1 Timeline Events

    We have resolved a minor issue reported by customers using our Magento 1 Professional tier, where timeline events had been intermittently missing for some orders. This has now been resolved and now displaying all relevant order, shipping and payment related events.

    BigCommerce Taxes

    We have enhanced our tax setup for BigCommerce to allow stores that have been enabled for countries where tax is already included in the item price to properly display order details. Our interface has been updated to correctly display prices for BigCommerce stores and orders where taxes are included in prices.

    Learn more about the latest 3.7.0 release as well as upcoming features by scheduling a demo!

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