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    Friday, February 12, 2021


    Shopify has officially joined our roster!

    We are excited to announce that our Shopify integration is now out of BETA and generally available for all customers!

    Shopify empowers independent business owners everywhere to sell online. Using the agnoStack integration with Zendesk can help you significantly improve post purchase experience for both customers as well as agents. The 3.1.0 release brings to life Shopify Starter Tier, Professional Tier, Premium Tier, as well as our Enterprise Tier including our industry leading CartCollab(SM) functionality allowing agents to seamlessly collaborate with customers to improve their checkout experience.


    WooCommerce BETA Launch

    WooCommerce provides a highly customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress and allows a merchant to set up a new store in minutes. We're excited to add agnoStack support to integrate WooCommerce sites with Zendesk and enhance the full customer post-purchase experience. BETA signup for WooCommerce users is now available for our Starter Tier.

    Magento 2 Enterprise GA

    We've been working away to continue to enhance our Adobe Commerce Cloud/Magento 2 integration. Our Magento 2 integration now has full availability for our Enterprise Tier including capability for Order Creation, Order Modification, Rapid Re-Order, and more! This tier also gives you the power of our CartCollab feature which allows agents to actively engage with customers while checking out.

    Enterprise Tier & Magento2

    New Features

    Magento 2 Multi-Store is LIVE!

    We've had multiple customers running more than one storefront within a single commerce platform. Prior to today our support includes the ability to configure multiple individual instances of agnoStack, each with a different configuration.

    We are excited to begin our rollout of improved multi-store (as well as multi-configuration) setup begining with Magento 2.

    Now with a single agnoStack instance, your agents can see orders across multiple storefronts from the same Magento 2 server.

    This functionality is available today to all Magento 2 customers at no additional cost.

    Magento 2 Multi Store

    Editable Order & Customer Notes

    Editable Order & Customer Notes

    We have an exciting new update to the Order Timeline for all BigCommerce customers!

    Our Advanced Order Timeline brings in a variety of useful details about an order's history and purchase lifecycle directly into Zendesk. The Order Timeline feature will display both Order Notes & Order Events as well as Advanced Events generated via Zendesk's new Sunshine Events framework (if you have it enabled for your Zendesk account).

    As of this release, Staff Notes as well as Customer Messages within BigCommerce are now fully editable by your agents directly inside of Zendesk.


    Enhanced Order Refund/Cancel

    We have enhanced our Refund confirmation screen based on your feedback!

    In addition to selecting a Refund Method (if your store is configured with multiple payment methods), we've now added a refund reason dropdown and notes input that will automatically be added to the processed refund as well as shown on the Order Timeline.

    Refund Reason

    Magento 2 Admin URI

    Our new, updated configuration screen for Magento 2 has added the ability to enter your Admin URI to improve the agent experience on the Order Detail panel.

    Admin URI is the text located after the Store URL for your Magento admin dashboard (typically this resembles "admin_123456").

    Entering the Admin URI field will enable orders as well as products details associated with an order to link through directly to your Magento admin dashboard.

    We've updated the shipment tracking links on our Order Detail screen. For customers using our Professional Tier and above, you should now be able to link directly through to the carrier website wherever possible.

    If you run into any links that are not working properly, please let us know the details via as we continue to regularly enhance our tracking functionality.

    Checkout - Product Catalog

    We continue to enhance our checkout flow and order on-behalf of functionality.

    This release included enhancements for support of additional variation, options and modifiers as well as bundled and grouped products (as well as product sets) across Commerce Platforms.

    We've also updated the product catalog search when adding a new item to a checkout that incrementally loads products. By implementing this "lazy loading" feature, you can now start viewing and interacting with products significantly faster while the remainder of your catalog continues to load in the background.

    Checkout - Address Entry/Shipping Options

    We had fixed a minor bug when loading address that prevented Shipping Options from loading for certain addresses.

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