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    Monday, August 31, 2020


    Magento 1 Professional (Coming Soon)

    This is one we've been waiting a long time to share! After numerous requests from customers running Magento 1 (and planning to do so for the foreseeable future), we want to reiterate that not only are we committed to continuing our support, BUT we're also continuing to innovate.

    We are officially taking over support from Zendesk for the existing Magento 1 Extension. The primary driver for this is to ensure we are able to continue to enhance our Magento 1 support and add features/support additional tiers.

    The new Professional tier will be available within coming weeks. To learn more in the interim, please reach out to schedule a demo.

    Monthly Savings Calculator

    We've added a new dynamic savings caculator to our pricing page to help in comparing various tiers or to see how pricing is affected the numbers of agents in your organization.

    Private BETA pilot for Shopify

    We're excited to announce our initial private BETA pilot for customers using Shopify. This extends our existing agnoStack support across other platforms and includes our Stater, Professional as well as Premium Tiers (Enterprise coming soon).

    To learn more about our our Shopify BETA, please contact us at


    BigCommerce refunds

    We fixed a small error for customers using our Premium tier on BigCommerce where certain item-level and full order refunds were not going through properly (related to SKU format). vaulted cards

    We've updated our standalone integration with when used in combination together with ElasticPath/Moltin to properly bring back saved/vaulted credit cards.

    Order-Level Tax

    Our Order Details panel has been updated to now display any taxes applied to an order when the initial customer purchase was made.

    Add Multiple Products To Cart

    Our Enterprise Tier "Add To Cart" functionality has been improved to allow adding multiple products to a customer's cart at once. This adds significant speed and usability improvements to the agent experience while doing an "order on behalf of".

    Learn more about agnoStack!