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  • 1.5.0
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.3.1

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


BETA support for Magento 2

We're excited to announce our BETA launch for customers using Magento 2. This extends our existing agnoStack support for Magento 1 customers with the new M2 version supporting using a built-in Shipping Provider, making use of the shipping configuration you've already set up in Magento.

To learn more about our our Magento 2 BETA, please contact us at

New Features

Enhanced Filter Orders

We've further enhanced the filtering functionality on the Orders List screen to now add the ability to search by fields other than the order id. We've also added the ability to set a specific prefix on your filter to only filter by that specific field (e.g. amount:).

Order Search

For customer's subscribed to our Professional tier (and above), we've heard your feedback and extended the Orders List screen to now not only allow you to filter existing orders for the ticket requester's email, but also to be able to search directly by order id if no results are found for the active customer.

Release Notifications

We've now added the ability for the app to receive a notification to the agent when we release a new version. This is just a small UI reminder to refresh your page when the new version is relesaed to receive the latest fixes & updates.


Subscription Management

Several customers have asked for the ability to change billing information for an existing Subscription. We've now updated the Manage Your Subscription screen to allow you to directly change the email address, billing contact name, as well as credit card on file for your account.

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