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    Configuring WooCommerce

    [WooCommerce]( is available as a Commerce Provider within the agnoStack plugin and supports using a built-in Shipping Provider, making use of the shipping configuration you've already set up in WooCommerce. It currently supports our Starter subscription tier.

    After you've installed the agnoStack app, upon opening any ticket within Zendesk, you will be prompted (as an admin) to Configure Your Account.

    (NOTE: You can return to the Configure/Manage Your Account Screen at any time as and admin to modify your settings or subscription settings)

    WordPress Dashboard

    If you already have API credentials mentioned below, you may enter them in the agnoStack configuration screen. Otherwise, you can obtain these values by performing the following steps:

    From your WordPress admin panel and inside your WooCommerce section, navigate to the `Settings` screen by selecting Settings.

    Once on the Settings screen, click on the Advanced tab located in the top right. Select REST API and then click on Add key.

    Enter a __Description__ and then select the __User__ you would like to generate a key for in the dropdown. Select __Read/Write__ for __Permissions__. Click Generate API key once completed.

    You will be presented with your credentials. You will need to obtain Consumer key and Consumer Secret. Save these credentials as this info will not be available once you have moved on from this page. Use these credentials to sign in to the agnoStack plugin.

    We regularly add new Providers to the application and continually reprioritizing our Roadmap based on customer input. If you use a Gateway that you don't see listed, just let us know and we'll take that info back to the team ASAP!

    Once you've completed entering your Provider configuration data, continue on to Select a Subscription.

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