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    Configuring Magento 1

    Magento 1 is available as a Commerce Provider within the agnoStack plugin with basic support for our Free as well as Starter subscription tiers.

    The new agnoStack "M1 plugin" continues to make use of the Zendesk developed Magento 1(M1) Extension to provide the connection between our app for Magento M1 and your Magento instance.

    As of September 7, 2020 agnoStack has officially taken over support of Extension from Zendesk and has just introduced a new 3.0.0 version that fixes many defects and introduces significant additional functionality. If you are not yet running version 3.0.0 (or higher) of the Extension, please upgrade it today at: to continue to receiving ongoing support.

    Ensure you have installed the latest version of the Extension

    To check to see if you have the latest version installed, log into your Magento Admin Panel and access the Extension dashboard page by selecting Zendesk > Dashboard. Below the left-hand menu, if you are running version 3.0.0 and above, your version will be listed. If your version is not listed, please upgrade your Extension.

    Configure The Plugin

    After you've installed the agnoStack plugin, upon opening any ticket, you will be prompted (as an admin) to Configure Your Account.

    (NOTE: You can return to the Configure/Manage Your Account Screen at any time as and admin to modify your settings or subscription settings)

    Store URL

    Please enter the URL where your Magento 1 store is publicly accessible (starting with https://). This should be the location where you have installed the Magento 1 Extension and should not contain any extra values such as /index.php or similar - it is typically just as simple as https://<< YOUR DOMAIN >>.com.

    API Token

    The agnoStack Zendesk plugin needs to be provided with the API token provided by the Magento Extension.

    1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel and access the configuration page by selecting System > Configuration > Zendesk.

    1. Under the API Details section, ensure that the "API Enabled" dropdown option is set to Yes.

    1. Copy the value from the "API Token" field in the Magento Extension (above) to enter into the "API Token" field inside of the agnoStack plugin "Configure/Manage Your Account" screen. This token should be 32 characters in length.

    M1 Extension Version

    The agnoStack plugin needs to be provided with the details around the version of the Zendesk Magento Extension you have installed. If you are running a version of the Extension prior to 3.0.0, we strongly suggest upgrading to the latest version to fix several core issues, BUT you can still continue to use the plugin by choosing Older Version. If you are running 3.0.0 or higher, please select 3.0.0+ from the dropdown menu.

    Store Code (OPTIONAL)

    Store Code is optional, but if you are running multiple stores within you Magento 1 instance, you can obtain the store code for the store that you wish to use from the Magento Admin panel under System > Manage Stores.

    The "Store Code" is set up when you create a "New Website" within that page initially and should be available if you're running multiple Magento 1 Stores (ie. Websites) on the same server.

    (NOTE: If you need to use the agnoStack plugin to access multiple stores (or multiple Magento instances - or even multiple Commerce platforms/websites), you can install the plugin multiple times in Zendesk and configure each installtion pointing to a different configuration.)

    Troubleshooting Zendesk Magento 1 Extension

    If you're having any trouble setting up or running the app, please see our Magento 1 Troubleshooting Guide.

    Once you've completed entering your Provider configuration data, continue on to Select a Subscription. Our Magento 1 Provider is available today for our Starter and Professional tiers, providing core functionality needed to support most eCommerce businesses, as well as a Free tier with limited/basic funcationality matching the previous "Zendesk M1 plugin".

    We will continue to explore adding our other tiers to our Magento 1 integration, prioritized based on client interest. Contact us any time at to learn more or share any input.

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