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    Configuring ElasticPath(Moltin)

    [Moltin]( - now part of [ElasticPath]( - is available as a Commerce Provider within the agnoStack plugin and supports using external Payment Providers. It currently supports our Starter and Professional subscription tiers, with upcoming support soon to be released for our Enterprise tier.

    After you've installed the agnoStack app, upon opening any ticket within Zendesk, you will be prompted (as an admin) to Configure Your Account.

    (NOTE: You can return to the Configure/Manage Your Account Screen at any time as and admin to modify your settings or subscription settings)

    ElasticPath Dashboard

    Inside the agnoStack app you will be prompted to ensure your Client ID and Client Secret. Both of these fields can be found within the Moltin Admin Dashboard screen upon login:

    Copy the value of the fields from the Moltin Admin Dashboard into the agnoStack app and then select Payment Providers to continue the configuration.

    Configure Payment and Shipping Providers

    Choose the Payment Provider to use with agnoStack that matches what you have configured inside of Moltin within the Settings > Payment Gateways page in order to maximize functionality of the plugin.

    If you don't see your current Payment Gateway listed, you can still activate and use the app by suggesting a new provider (below/left).

    Suggest Payment ProviderSelect Shipping Provider

    We regularly add new Providers to the application and continually reprioritizing our Roadmap based on customer input. If you use a Gateway or Shipping Provider that you don't see listed, just let us know and we'll take that info back to the team ASAP!

    Once you've completed entering your Provider configuration data, continue on to Select a Subscription.

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