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  • Setup & Onboarding
  • Configure/Manage Your Account
  • Configuring BigCommerce
  • Configuring Magento 2
  • Configuring Magento 1
  • Configuring Moltin
  • Selecting A Subscription
  • Activate Your Configuration
  • Configuring Web Widget

Configure/Manage Your Account

To set up the agnoStack Omni-Channel eCommerce Support plugin for Zendesk, please follow the steps below to install and configuration the plugin into your Zendesk subdomain.

Install from Zendesk Marketplace

Go to the agnoStack listing in the Zendesk Marketplace and click the Install button.

You will then be prompted with a modal window to "Select account to install this app" where you'll select your Zendesk subdomain and then click Install to confirm.

Confirm Plugin Installation

You will be taken to Zendesk's "Application Settings" page (below). You should not have to enter in any data in this page.

You can optionally change the application title (or if you have an existing Custom Field you are using for Order ID that you'd like to continue to make use of) as well as install the application to a subset of agents using standard "Enable role/group restrictions".

After you click the Install (or Install Another) and awaiting the installation processing, you will remain on the Settings > Apps > Manage page.

Complete Account Configuration

In order to complete the plugin Configuration, please open any Ticket in the system (Home > (Ticket)) where you will then see the agnoStack plugin installed but awaiting our simple three step configuration and setup to your Commerce Provider.

(NOTE: You can revisit your configuration any time through the Manage Your Account link at the bottom of the plugin (available for any admin).)

Below is a quick overview of the three steps in the configuration and activation process.

Setup Your Commerce Providers

Select your eCommerce provider below for further details on how to configure your specific provider/where to find the correct data to enter in each field.

Magento 2
Magento 1

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