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    Common Errors

    Several more commone errors that customers have experiences when useing the agnoStack plugin (along with corresponding causes and remediations) can be found below.


    If you see an error within the agnoStack plugin containing an Error Type of "fail-https-certificate", this is usually related to having an invalid HTTPS certificate somewhere within the certificate chain to your API endpoints (or an unsupported version of TLS).

    The agnoStack plugin leverages Zendesk’s built in secure proxy to access your API endpoints. Zendesk's proxy will only be able to access the APIs when available over HTTPS (for security reasons) and as part of each request, they check to make sure that the TLS certificate on your server is valid.

    You can run a quick test of your domain at and see if it is showing any error information for your certificate. If there are errors in your certificate, please resolve them with your technical support team. If you still see an Error Type of "fail-https-certificate", email us at

    URL redirects - Fail Orders

    For security purposes, Zendesk's built-in secure proxy used by the plugin to access your APIs does not support redirects. Having redirects in place will often result in "fail-orders" errors within the new app.

    Make sure the all URLs accessed by the plugin for the configuration you have entered are not relying on redirects at the CDN, network, or server level.

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