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    Modify Billing Info

    You can change the billing information for your agnoStack account (as an administrator) directly from within the plugin inside of your Zendesk instance at any time.

    By clicking the "Manage Your Account" link at the bottom of the agnoStack plugin, you can modify your subscription tier, apply a promotion, change you billing email, billing name, credit card on file - or even cancel your subscription.

    1. Load any ticket within your Zendesk account to be able to access the agnoStack plugin.

    1. At the bottom of the plugin, you can click on the Manage Your Account link.

    1. Do not make any changes on the first screen, just click the Subscription button at the bottom of the page to go to the second page within Manage Your Account.

    1. Once on the MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS screen, you can edit your credit card and billing information direct. See picture below.

    1. After entering in new information be sure to click Review.

    1. Continue on to the final configuration screen and click Activate to save your changes and reload the plugin.

    If you run into any trouble or need additional assistance, please contact us any time at

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