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Check your Extension version and Firewall settings

Older versions of the M1 Extension are no longer supported and are likely to cause "fail-order" errors within the new app. Please check that your extension version matches the latest version available ( If not please update by following the instructions in Magento: Installing the Zendesk extension for Magento.

Errors caused by outdated M1 Extension versions can be seen within your Magento PHP logs, and include the following error messages:


Uncaught exception ‘ArgumentCountError’ with message ‘Too few arguments to function ZendeskZendeskApiController::ordersAction()


PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function find() on a non-object in /var/www/html/apache.git/magento/store2/app/code/community/Zendesk/Zendesk/Model/Observer.php`

Check your firewall configuration for Zendesk

If you have a firewall in front of your Magento instance (and/or CDN), ensure you have allowed Zendesk’s IPs for the secure proxy mentioned previously access your M1 Extension. For more details, see Configuring your firewall for Zendesk.

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