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    Advanced Macros

    Our single most frequently requested feature has finally launched!! With agnoStack's new Advanced Macros, agents can now create and save personalized responses with dynamic placeholder data directly from your commerce, shipping and payment systems.

    This is directly included for customers using our Premium and Enterprise Tiers (and also as an optional Add-On Feature Set for all other customers).

    Advanced Macros

    Enterprise  Tier is now Generally Available

    We're officially announcing Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 and ElasticPath/Moltin support for our Enterprise Tier including Order Creation, Order Modification, Rapid Re-Order and more! We now have full support on BigCommerce and Shopify for our new CartCollab(SM) functionality allowing agents to seamlessly collaborate with customers to improve their checkout experience.

    Enterprise Tier & CartCollab

    New CommerceTools and WooCommerce integrations!

    agnoStack is proud to add WooCommerce as well as CommerceTools integration for our Starter and Professional tiers. This includes real-time Payment Status, Shipping Status, Order Search, Order History, Order Details, and much more!

    Magento 1 Extension 3.0.0

    We heard from many of our Magento 1 (Adobe Commerce) customers regarding a number of issues found within Zendesk's Magento 1 Extension (incorrect/missing order address, sporadic missing customer data, lack of order item quantities, etc.).

    Our engineerting team has been working in concert with Zendesk to ensure a smooth transition as we take over support for the Extension and we're excited to announce that as of September 7, agnoStack has officially taken over the Extension from Zendesk.

    agnoStack is committed to supporting Magento 1 customers for as long a they'd like to remain on M1, but please be sure to update your Extension to version 3.0.0 today to ensure you are running the latest version. This will fix several core issues at no additional cost!

    Introducing Magento 1 Professional  Tier!

    In addition to fixing several core issues, we're excited to announce that with your update to version 3.0.0 of the Extension, you will also now have access to our Premium Tier of features on Magento 1. We've had numerous M1 customers express the strong desire need for additional features - particularly those already available on other platforms - in our Professional Tier and today we are bringing them to Magento 1.

    Shipping StatusPayment StatusOrder Timeline

    To learn more and see it in action, you can sign up direct within the Manage Your Account link inside of the plugin (after upgrading to the latest 3.0.0 version of the Magento Extension) and/or schedule a demo any time. Pricing and feature details are available at:

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